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Symptoms of iron deficiency include thin, small leaves that suffer from chlorosis and drop.

Mar 17, The leaves of lemon trees can droop when introduced to hot or cold temperatures, or a change in light. You might also find that it is the young leaves or new growth are especially expressive in their drooping.

Often this is not cause for stumpfelling.buzzted Reading Time: 7 mins. Jan 12, If you notice that your lemon trees are losing leaves at a rapid pace, they may be suffering from a lack of nutrients, too much fertilization or a fungal disease.

Check for a Nutrient Deficiency. My lemon tree keeps dropping leaves! Please help! I don’t know why! Feb 25, These potted lemon trees can be even more prone to lemon blossom drop or leaf drop because the frequent environmental changes they experience as they are moved in and out.

Lemon blossoms falling off a potted lemon tree may also be caused by cool drafts, as well as under or over watering. A lemon tree dropping flowers may be a sign of drought or other.

Mar 10, Chickens love to mess up the surface of the garden, looking for things to eat, they scratch and dig very effectively, enough to severely disrupt the delicate surface roots. When this happens, the tree may show drooping leaves the next day. Yes, your chickens can kill your lemon tree, or any other citrus tree for that matter. Jan 21, A pest or parasite infestation is one of the toughest issues to deal with as a gardener. Besides sucking the nutrients from the leaves, the little critters can wreak havoc and give your lemon tree diseases.

There are many types of insects, pests and parasites that love lemons, including: Aphids. Rust mites. Jun 04, Because these trees do not like “wet feet” (roots), overwatering may also cause the tree to lose leaves.

Additionally, a lack of fertilization may result in a lemon tree dropping leaves. All three of these cause stress to the.