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A: Persimmon is one of the most sensible fruit trees for Valley gardens.

Nov 12, Leaves turning yellow may be from too high of a soil pH. Persimmon flowers falling off or dropping fruit may be due inadequate sunlight, lack of water or too much heat. Dec 02, It is a fungal disease, thriving in wet conditions and often appearing in spring. You’ll recognize anthracnose persimmon tree diseases by the black spots that appear on the leaves.

The tree may lose its leaves starting at the bottom branches.

You may also see black sunken spots on leaf stalks and lesions on the persimmon bark. Sep 27, I planted the persimmon tree last November which was about 4 years old. The tree seemed to be ok until July this year. Then, I recently noticed that a majority of the leaves on the tree have been turning brown on the edges and many are curled. I am a novice tree grower and don't know what to do for this tree. Can anybody give me any advice? HELP! Persimmon tree keep dropping fruit!

Hi all, I currently have a 7 year old persimmon tree and for the past couple of years have successfully had fruit with only a few fruit falling from the tree before maturity.

This year however, it's a different story. I have about 10 fruit falling from the tree. Trees appear stunted and slow growing. Leaves may be reduced in size. Little or no fruit. If plant is dead, inspect roots for hard, woody tumors. Note: many things can cause stunted trees. Control. Consult County Extension Agent; Leaf Spot. Appear as small brown or purple spots on leaves. Leaves may turn yellow and fall. Weakens the tree. Control. Leaf Blight Disease and Persimmon Trees. Leaf blight is a phase of various diseases that affects leaves causing discoloration, wilting and browning.

Persimmon trees (Diospyros spp.) grow in U.S. Ruined farmhouse and persimmon, Diospyros kaki, tree with brown branches, orange fruit and autumn leaves in Italian countryside.

Persimmon with red and orange leaves still on the tree in late autumn. Blue sky on background. Branches of a persimmon tree with ripe persimmon fruit in autumn garden. This is a fungus that can be fatal to persimmon trees in just a few years. Branches will die off, and leaves will wilt and fall, starting at the top of the tree and moving down.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to dig up and destroy impacted trees and solarize the soil. Nematodes. Nematodes cause galls on roots that prevent the tree from getting water.